Get Your Home Ready for Summer With These Hot Tips

Kiss the cold season goodbye and say hello to beautiful summer! Time to break out the barbecue and crack open a cold one, right? Well, before you jump into the fun and excitement, here are a few little home maintenance tasks you’ll have to take care of first, to ensure that summer doesn’t become a big headache.

Keep Your Pool in Working Order

When the days get hot enough, it’s time to jump into the pool, right? Hold on there, let’s make sure it’s still working right! Call up some experts to check it out and make sure the filtering system is working properly. You don’t want to lose prime swimming time repairing your pool in the middle of summer, after all. During the summer, make sure to keep your pool clean and free from nasty debris or leaves. Cleaning it might be a boring chore, but it’ll be a lot less boring than having to shut down your pool for major repairs later on.

Take a Look at Your A/C Filters

If you have pets, or if someone in your house suffers from allergies, make sure to check out your air system filters for any dander, hair, debris or other yucky junk. Your lungs will thank you when you’re breathing cool, clean air all summer long.

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